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Stone Terrace at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley

The 5 most important things to consider when planning a corporate event

Being a corporate events planner is no easy task. Whether you’re responsible for hosting or planning events for your own company or if you are a professional event planner by trade, there are not only multiple internal stakeholders to consider, but the event itself sets the tone for future interactions and feedback received by both employees or external attendees. That’s why we pride ourselves on our relationships with event planners: we make your job easier!

No matter if it’s a corporate retreat, an all-hands meeting or a reward for your hard-working employees, corporate events can be some of the most stressful events to plan, with innovation being one of the top concerns for most planners.

  • How can you find an event space that’s unique, awe-inspiring and conducive to whatever your meeting objectives might be?
  • What are the most important elements to consider?
  • When should you book a location?

These are all common questions we hear regularly. What we can tell you is that typically, meeting and event planners officially reserve the space between three and six months in advance, sometimes earlier. So first and foremost, it’s essential to consider your timetable and call us as soon as you have a date in mind. We will work with your schedule to ensure all deadlines are met before the big event.

Before you book, however, there are several important things to consider in any event space to ensure it’s the right venue for your important day or weekend.

Here are some other questions we hear:

What size venue would work best for my corporate event?

Fortunately, many sites will help you take the guesswork out of this question. We like this meeting room capacity calculator, as well as this meeting and event space calculator.

Once you’ve plugged in your numbers, you will get a sense of how many people you expect or how best to arrange seating so that everyone is comfortable. Knowing which size venue you need in terms of attendees is a great first step in planning a successful event!

Holman Ranch has an extensive selection of meeting areas for any size event. We can seat everyone comfortably, whether it’s a dinner for executives or VIP clients or a corporate outing for up to 500 people. Visit our event spaces page to learn more about what’s available. We’re sure that you will find something that will seat everyone comfortably for meals or corporate meetings. Plus, we have options that will allow event planners to stay on site, ensuring that everything goes according to plan, right down to the minute.

How can I put on the event of a lifetime on a limited budget?

If you regularly host corporate events, you probably have a budget for this already set and approved, but do you know how to get the most bang for your buck? By hosting your event somewhere filled with so much natural beauty and rustic decor, you can save time and money, while allocating your leftover funds to other aspects of your get-together, such as entertainment.

In fact, minimalist decor and encouraging your guests to “unplug” during a corporate event, is very much on-trend for 2019 and beyond, as companies think of unique ways to engage employees and guests beyond technology or busy party embellishments. We take pride in the fact that our grounds, indoor spaces and guest rooms are perfectly set-up to complement any type of event: from fun to formal.

We also have fantastic relationships with area vendors, saving you time in the planning process. Allow us to be your partner in corporate event planning so that you get the most bang for your buck.

Location, location, location: where should I host my event?

If you’ve taken the time to determine what size of an event space you require, as well as what kind of budget you’re working with, it will be easier to find a location that suits your particular needs. You want somewhere that’s easily accessible, primarily if your employees will provide their own transportation.

To determine whether or not a location is right for you, read some online reviews of other event planners or view as many photos as you can. If you feel inspired by a specific locale, plan a visit to see it in person. Many past corporate events have found our location to be the perfect setting, shuttling guests back and forth from area hotels while they stay on site to make sure all goes off without a hitch.

Visiting our tavern or tasting room is a great way to see Holman Ranch for yourself. We love talking with event planners, and we would be happy to meet you in person to discuss your event.

Can I get creative with additional services or amenities?

Two words: wine cave. Additional experiences, services or amenities for your event can help create lasting memories and positive associations for your company or brand. These “extras” go a long way, whether it’s providing corporate SWAG to all attendees, or providing time for your guests to have ample opportunity to meander through the surrounding areas.

Plus, we have a terrific set up to make your event FUN: think bocce ball tournaments, giant Jenga, skeet shooting and more.

Have you ever taken conference calls in a rustic carriage house?

Used time between meetings to wander through nature trails?

Take a break from educational seminars to determine which of your colleagues is the best at pool?

Consider which exclusive experiences or options are important to you and ensure you’ve made room for them in both your event schedule and event budget.   

As mentioned, not only do we have a state-of-the-art wine cave and plenty of things for your guests to do, but we also have over 18 acres of vineyards to explore. There are so many ways to get creative at Holman Ranch, from private wine tastings for your group to horseback riding. You’ve never had team meetings like the ones you’ll have on our site.

Ambiance, please! How do I set the right tone for my corporate event?  

In today’s world of social media and capturing Insta-worthy moments, having a picturesque event location can make a big difference in impressing your guests or employees. At Holman Ranch, we take pride in the natural beauty that surrounds our estate. With sweeping views of a dramatic landscape, words like spacious, memorable and engaging have often been used to describe our property. Corporate groups often take advantage of the outdoor beauty by providing coffee breaks outdoors or scheduling events to incorporate the outdoors.

We are also a private estate, which means that we host one event at a time. This ensures that your guests have time to savor the last drop of wine, enjoy endless views and take plenty of pictures to commemorate the occasion.

We love making our guests (and your guests) feel special. If you are interested in hosting your corporate event at Holman Ranch, we’d love to work with you. The best way to get started is by clicking here to see our event spaces or by downloading an event kit.

Contact us today so that we can help you make lasting memories. Holman Ranch is a private estate in Carmel Valley, CA. All visits are by appointment only. Contact: [email protected] or 831-659-2640 if you have any questions.