Curious about a Wine Club membership? Here’s what you’re missing


Image by Mo Davis Photography


Subscription services are nothing new; neither are wine clubs. What’s interesting, however, is how the wine industry shifted in the last couple of years to offer niche, small-batch, or sustainable wine subscriptions – much like many of the other personalized subscription services you may already enjoy. 

Wine connoisseurs from all over the world have become much more discerning and expect more than the traditional wine-buying process.

That’s where we come in. 

From the vine to the bottle, Holman Ranch wine is an experience unlike any other. Holman Ranch wine is 100% estate-grown, meaning the entire winemaking process happens on-site. That’s why we’re pleased to offer visitors and customers the chance to enjoy that experience at home season after season: through our Wine Club!

Think of the Holman Ranch Wine Club as the ultimate subscription service, tailored to your preferences and palate. 

How do I know if the Holman Ranch Wine Club membership is for me? 

  • Have you visited Holman Ranch and experienced our stunning natural beauty? 
  • Did you or a loved one get married at Holman Ranch? 
  • Have you tasted something delicious recently in our Tasting Room? 
  • Do you enjoy hand-crafted wine?
  • Would you appreciate the ease and convenience of having wine delivered to your door? 
  • Do you crave wine-related perks?  

If you answered “yes” to any of the following questions, a wine membership would make a terrific investment or gift. We often see spouses purchasing Holman Ranch Wine Club memberships for one another or newlyweds purchasing memberships to relive their wedding day wine. 

A Wine Club membership makes the perfect way to commemorate any occasion – even the “just because” occasions. 

What will I receive with my Wine Club membership? 

There are many benefits to joining the Holman Ranch Wine Club, such as: 

  • Four (4) complimentary tastings per year
  • Two (2) tickets to our annual Fiesta de los Amigos 
  • Access to exclusive Holman Ranch events
  • Discounts on your favorite wine
  • Customizable selections received quarterly

And more. Here are a few things, however, that you may not have considered about joining. 

Little-known facts about our Wine Club 

  • Allocations are typically released in March, May, September, and December
  • Holman Ranch Winemakers carefully select each allocation with our new and/or pre-releases, though you may choose to customize your order

We treat our members like VIPs

What if you were the first among your friends to be able to taste or purchase pre-releases from Holman Ranch? That feeling would be amazing! Not only do our members receive such opportunities, but we also take it one step further by hosting special members-only events. 

The Holman Ranch Wine Club is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in our wine, culture, and overall appreciation of the winemaking craft.

We offer discounts to our members

Why pay full price for your favorite Holman Ranch wines when you can get the same quality for 10-20% less than retail? 

In addition to discounts, we also offer the opportunity for our Portfolio and Cellar Wine Club members to receive free nights at Holman Ranch guest rooms, as well as enjoy guest rooms throughout the year at a special rate. The savings add up throughout the year with our Wine Club memberships. 

We let our members customize wine selections

Whether you’re trying to build up your home collection or are just plain indecisive, we have a membership for you. Our Wine Club members receive anywhere from three to twelve bottles each quarter. 

You have the option to customize each case you receive or opt for the Winemakers’ Selection. Don’t second guess yourself when buying wine off the shelf. Collect and enjoy expertly-arranged selections every month. 

How to join the Holman Ranch Wine Club

It’s easy! Anyone interested in becoming a member of our exclusive Wine Club can simply click here or stop by our Tasting Room. 

By going through our online process, you’ll be prompted to create an account; then, you’ll make your selections. You can opt in to receive a delivery, or, if you’re in the area, you can pick up your preferences at our Tasting Room once they’re ready at our quarterly Pick Up Party. 

Whether it’s a gift for yourself or a thoughtful gesture for someone you care about, joining our Wine Club ensures that you receive expertly-crafted wine as often as you’d like. 

Contact us today to learn more about Wine Club benefits. Holman Ranch is a private estate vineyard and winery in Carmel Valley, CA. All visits are by appointment only. Contact: [email protected] or 831-659-2640 if you have any questions or simply fill out the form below.