2020 wedding trends: why Holman Ranch is a bride’s best bet

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In this world of constantly-changing trends, there is one thing that stands the test of time: the classic elegance of Holman Ranch weddings

With that said, our team likes to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to wedding trend forecasts and incoming styles for the new year so we can communicate our ideas and insights to brides and planners alike.  

We’ve combed the web to bring you our favorite wedding trends for a brand new decade, showing you how Holman Ranch is the perfect venue to bring your designs and imagination to life. 

Here’s what our planners and brides have on their minds right now: 

2020 wedding trends at Holman Ranch 

Greenery: Greenery is still in (and hopefully will continue to be)! From florals to furniture to drapery, including natural greenery is timeless and beautiful. 

Color: Pops of color are definitely popular, as well! Between colorful linens and bright colors incorporated into florals, color schemes and pattern-play help streamline your wedding day from start to finish. With Pantone choosing Classic Blue as the 2020 Color of the Year, we expect to see a beautiful blend of blues.

Escort Card Displays: Creative escort card displays can serve its purpose while also acting more as an interactive art installation. 

Sustainability and “green” weddings gain popularity

Green is a beautiful color to use in your wedding party and decor. “Going green” is also a concept gaining in popularity over the years when it comes to wedding traditions or themes. Eco-friendly celebrations are high on the list of popular wedding trends going into 2020. 

At Holman Ranch, we embrace conservation – it’s in our DNA, from our wine to our surroundings. We also enjoy seeing how our brides and wedding parties welcome all of the natural beauty around them while on site. 

If you’re interested in an eco-chic wedding, consider gifting your wedding party with wine (glass bottles are often kept as souvenirs or recycled). 

You can also surround yourself with natural beauty and forego artificial decor. We believe there are so many ways to be eco-friendly and still have a grand nuptial celebration. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to show or tell you more. 

Whether it’s your table runners or minimizing your carbon footprint, Holman Ranch is loving all things green!

Micro is the new grand when it comes to weddings

One of the trends we’ve enjoyed seeing first-hand is brides turning weddings into mini family reunions or vacations for a handful of their closest friends and loved ones. 

The beauty of having a “micro wedding” is that it can be an intimate affair. At Holman Ranch, some wedding parties rent out our guest rooms so that attendees can have more time to spend with one another before and after the big day. Guest rooms are the peak of exclusive, reserved only for those who book their wedding or event at Holman Ranch, as well as for our wine club members. 

Whether you have ideas for a ceremony of 5 people or 500 people, we can accommodate your guests. And the best part is, we only host one event at a time, ensuring you and your friends or family the utmost privacy and one-of-a-kind experiences at Holman Ranch. 

So while micro weddings might be new to the world of weddings, our team has ample experience entertaining small parties for several days, or even a whole week. 

The roaring 20’s and the rise of the “grandmillennial”

With this year being 2020, many planners and event specialists are already talking about “Roaring Twenties” themes left and right. You may have even seen references to the ’20s in many New Year’s Eve parties. 

Many planners are embracing more vintage looks for a variety of options when it comes to photo ops, seating, and more. Furniture and accessories popular during your grandparents or great-grandparents eras are back in style and featured in reception seating or photo sessions. 

Why not adopt a more authentic approach to vintage by hosting your wedding where the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age visited regularly? That’s right – Holman Ranch has an extensive history dating back to the 1920s. 

Learn our whole story and look for ways to incorporate some of this 100-year-old history into your momentous occasion. 

A more personal approach to being “good for the ‘gram”

If 2019 was any indication, brides are mindful these days of how their photos look on social media sites, especially Instagram. 2020 brides, however, are taking a unique approach to an Insta-worthy wedding. 

Rather than staged props and faux backdrops, brides are opting-in for more naturally beautiful settings and arranging furniture or other fun visuals out in the open. Not only does this provide the perfect photographic material for Instagram and other social networks, but it ultimately cuts down on the number of decorations needed at a ceremony or reception. 

Hosting your wedding somewhere that’s naturally photogenic takes the guesswork out of planning photo ops because they’re quite literally all around you. 

Garden parties galore

One of the top trends for 2020 is the garden party theme — florals and delicate decor top the list for garden party favorites. 

You can embrace the garden party theme on-site at Holman Ranch by choosing any number of our outdoor spaces to host elements of your wedding. 

From ceremony areas with statement-making floral backdrops or natural landscapes to oversized bouquets or tablescapes, the lushness of mother nature is none more evident than during a Holman Ranch wedding. 

We love seeing how florists and planners incorporate our natural surroundings to create garden party statement pieces for their brides. 

Holman Ranch weddings are timeless and never go out of style

No matter which of these trends you choose to embrace, the most important tip we can provide is to find ways to make each moment personal and reflective of your identity as a couple. 

Need more inspiration? 

Contact our event coordinators to hear about some of the other ways you can make Holman Ranch your own. 

Do you want to become one of our timeless Holman Ranch brides? Contact us today and begin the planning process with our team. We would love to work with you in 2020, 2021, and beyond!  

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